I entered the world of motor vehicles in 1965 when I did an apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechanic at a small garage in my local town and at the end of my apprenticeship I received my qualifications in motor vehicle technician passing every exam with either a credit or distinction. This brought me into contact every day with all the classic cars and motor cycles that we see today. Over the years my enthusiasm has never waned when it comes to the older vehicles and bringing them back to their former glory is one of my passions in life. I have been involved with most aspects of the motor trade including gas flowing, tuning and building race engines for rally and short circuit racing.

After running my own motor vehicle garage for a number of years the costs of keeping the equipment up to date to service all vehicles became unsustainable especially on the electronics side so in the late 1980s I decided to close my motor vehicle business and work for an engineering company working on small car engines right up to huge engines that were used for diesel locomotives (trains) and ships generators.

Following on from this work I had a change in career when I started another business venture which was the design and manufacture of bouncy castles and inflatables, setting out from the beginning to be the best in the industry. This goal I have achieved and I can now be proud to say that we have nationwide recognition for our hard work.

As I am 65 years old my Son and Daughter are about to take over the very successful business that I started over twenty years ago and I am still very active and fit and still have the enthusiasm for classic cars and bikes. I decided to return in part to the motor trade by helping others in the form of vapour blasting and ultrasonic cleaning so they can achieve the result they need to bring their prized possession up to their desired stage of renovation.

Knowing all there is about bouncy castles and inflatables and returning in part to the renovation of those lovely old vehicles I am now very much in my comfort zone.

The work of vapour blasting and ultrasonic cleaning will still come under the same umbrella as our family business of Tear-Away Leisure Ltd.